banana slug

I often hear "What is that?! Is that real? Tell me more." Ask questions until you are satisfied. (This is a banana slug.) (c) 2003 joy

This excellent post, Four Tips for Teaching an Art Class, from Quinn MacDonald (@QuinnCreative) reminds me how important asking questions is before setting up any marketing effort, whether it is launching a new product or looking at designing a new live event.

I tend to ask a lot of questions so I can understand a client’s business. A friend called my approach appreciative inquiry.

I’m not judging what my client is doing, I want to understand, suggest, and support your efforts and strengths.

I invite you to talk to any marketing consultant or agency you want to hire. Don’t assume anything. Have a conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Get specific.

I’ve been witness to many, many agency presentations showing off amazing talent at agencies and freelancers. If you’re someone who is bedazzled by an impressive client list and portfolio, try to see past this and dig deeper.

The portfolio may be beautiful, but doesn’t tell you how they work, how they got to the final product and whether this is a good fit for your work style.

Ask them to tell you a story about a project or two. How did they work with their client to make it happen?

Does it resonate with the way you work?

Listen to your instincts. A designer or firm with many great references may not be a good match for you.

You’re looking for someone who does good work and plays well with others. Look at skill set, but also look for compatibility.

comment zen: be kind. play nice.