is this you?

  • you have an established business and want to grow your audience to increase your income with social media, digital offerings and services.
  • you want a partner–or gentle guidance–when launching a new product, program or service.
  • you’re curious about social media, but you’re not sure which platform is the best use of your time. Or whether you should do it at all.
  • you want your website and marketing to reflects your true values and communicate who you are.
  • you know how to use the newest tech tools but you need to set up a marketing strategy so you don’t waste time and energy.
  • you want to cultivate a deep connection with your audience and build community with an authentic online presence.
  • you yearn to infuse heart, soul and meaning into your business.
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partnering with you and your business

 I have a deep appreciation for how hard it is to make things happen for your business, even if you love what you do.

 I partner and guide small business owners, creative entrepreneurs and solopreneurs through marketing overwhelm. You’ll receive marketing expertise from a gentle, playful and compassionate approach.

Some clients just want to bounce ideas off of someone with marketing experience, while others need someone walking along the path with them.

I create sanctuary to share and collaborate so we can work through your project and work around obstacles you encounter to bringing it into the world with ease, calm and confidence.

I focus on you, your business and creating a marketing environment and system that reflects who you are right now, not who you think you should be.

Here are a few options for us to work together. Interested in more information, or don’t see what you are looking for? Please feel free to contact me.

6-session mentoring package

We’ll talk about your business, find out what you need, what you want and the best way to get it. Each session is 75 minutes. At the end of our time together, you’ll have:

  • An appreciation of what you are doing right in your business
  • Clarity about direction and next steps to take in marketing your business
  • Confidence in knowing what you need and how to ask for it

one-time strategy & mentoring sessions

If you want to bounce ideas off of someone with deep marketing expertise, or focus in on a single aspect of your marketing efforts, I offer single consultations.

Topics have included:

  • Overall communications strategy for your business or product line
  • Brainstorming an effective product mix for your business
  • Product launch planning
  • Website review: Is it effective? Does it reflect who you are?
  • Social media strategy & mentoring
  • Establishing an effective online presence with personality
  • Event-workshop marketing


mixed media marketing

getting attuned to your natural style and rhythm is a foundational skill for healthy entrepreneurship. i’m working with Rachelle Niemann to offer rhythm, resilience and flow workshops.

I’m currently retooling my group mentoring program: the playful marketing expedition.

Coming soon: Crafting a Business Devotional