marketing strategies designed for who you are

working for corporate clients and creative entrepreneurs and coaches, i’ve realized my clients believe they need to throw their marketing on top of the din of marketing noise, or need to shout to be heard. or create an online presence (your website, offerings and marketing materials) in someone else’s idea of what a successful business should be.

you don’t need to change to market yourself or your business.

consider a sustainable approach to growing your business: gentle marketing.

Joy Agcongay

gentle marketing for you is about:

  • connecting with your natural voice, style and boundaries by honoring who you are right now.
  • showing up, even when it’s damn hard.
  • generosity and appreciating good work that people are doing.
  • meaningful reciprocity, not transaction-based 
  • being kind and playing nice in a world that doesn’t always appreciate it.
  • being OK with not knowing and accepting the certainty of uncertainty

gentle marketing for your business is about:

  • cultivating connections and deepening  relationships.
  • developing services and/or products to the world in a way that contributes to the long view: growing a healthy community around your business
  • playfulnessexperimenting. seeing what works, and what doesn’t. and when it doesn’t, learn and try again.
  • creating sustainable marketing processes and plans which are in sync with your personal, business and seasonal rhythms.

work with who you are rather than who you think you (or others) should be.

it’s simple, but not at all easy. i want help you struggle less so you can build your marketing muscles, and make a living.

i invite you to research, explore and get a sense of me here and on social media. if you’re interested in how we could work together to help grow your business or develop your creative marketing flow, please contact me.

let’s get to know each other.

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