my name is joy

i am an introvert and nerd who has made a living as a marketing professional.

i won’t call myself a marketing guru or thought leader. however, i am a marketing generalist with depth and breadth of successful experiences, working with creative entrepreneurs, authors, startups and large corporations in a variety of marketing roles.

while i have stepped into a corporate environment as a marketing “utility player” to initiate marketing programs or manage product launches, my heart work is to guide entrepreneurial clients how to think like marketing professionals. 

i see the heart of marketing as cultivating connections and deepening relationships.

as human beings, we each have a natural way of connecting with others–even introverts. we approach deepening those relationships in different ways.

also see marketing as a creative practice. how we express ourselves matters. words and images matter when you are conscious of the impact of them on others.

i understand that this is one of those “it may sound easy, but it isn’t simple” endeavors, particularly for the people who work with me, who:

  • realize that these one-size-fits-all marketing blueprints and recipes do not work
  • are highly sensitive, creative and yearn to fully express who they are
  • innately know that the dominant culture encourages strategies in business that aren’t going to serve them nor their communities, and do more harm
  • who are open to doing deep work, which can be uncomfortable

ultimately, my goal is to guide clients find their own approach and apply marketing that serves them, amplifies their presence and voice, and ultimately lifts their communities.

i truly believe you don’t need to change who you are, or compromise your integrity to reach people who need what you have to offer. working together, we can create a marketing strategy that works for who you are right now today and will evolve as you move along your entrepreneurial journey.

Joy Agcongay

more about me

second generation Filipina American. 

fierce appreciator. creative contemplative. curious bibliophile. soulful gardener. lover of solitude and silence. cat herder. hen mother. worm wrangler. wanderluster.


P.S. Thanks to Jillian Kay for the headshot!