business devotional (back view)- gentle marketing - joy agcongaycreative contemplative practice: the birth of my business devotional

one of my creative contemplative practices is collecting ephemera, beautiful greeting cards, bits of wisdom and creating small, simply bound books to corral them.

one started to grow from a simple travel journal format. it’s a mash up of learnings from various creativity teachers. layered with envelopes and flaps to keep secrets and percolate ideas. i carry it with me on my travels, the journal fitting easily in the bottom of my suitcase.

for a long time, it never had a name. it’s been a touchstone, a book that grounds me to what i love, to what’s important. it’s not about the physical form, though. it’s about the process of creating that keeps me tethered.

i used to go to silent retreats regularly to take time away from the hustle and grind culture. these days, i schedule in regular quiet time. or more specifically, i need listening time.

when the world is overwhelming, or if i noticed i’m off center, i page through it, look in the nooks and crannies and get attuned to what matters. i’ve come to call it my business devotional.

crafting a business devotional is a self-paced program to help you get out of your head and connect with your heart and the heart of your business.

based on self-inquiry and a contemplative creative process, you’ll touch in with your vision and connect with the “soft” side of entrepreneurship to develop a sense of discernment when making decisions. you’ll find more clarity and ease.

note: this is NOT intended to be an artistic, visual journaling course. while i will show you ways you can build a business devotional and point to resources, the emphasis will be on self-inquiry, not art journaling techniques.