the secret lab notebook

Playful Experiment lab notes: blogging experiment

Ahem. Yes, about the blogging experiment I mentioned in my last post.

I decided not to join the Ultimate Blog Challenge group as it would require far too many posts in one month for me to write–31 posts in January. I would have had to write 29 today, then another one tomorrow.

That’s not going to happen.

I did love seeing the group promote each other on Twitter with the hashtag of #blogboost.

extrapolating the results: a desire for meaningful connection

In keeping with the spirit of this theme of “playful experimentation”, I’ll note that I’d love to build a group of like-minded people that support each other, whether it’s on social media or not. That’s what I was drawn to, not necessarily blogging every day, though building a blogging habit would be a terrific byproduct.

This is surprising to me as I confess to being strongly introverted. But it’s really about meaningful connections. As an employee, you have a built-in community. As an entrepreneur, I can choose to build the community I want.

Maybe I’ll add this to my Style Guide.

I love what Maryann Devine is doing: Secret Play Dates. Each Tuesday, spend an hour working on a project. That simple! Her approach is gentle and creative, which I love. Check it out.

conclusion: the importance of structure

In all honesty, I started this blog post thinking the blogging experiment was a fail.

But this theme I’ve chosen for myself, “playful experimentation”, has given me a structure to take a look at what happened from an objective perspective, and turn the experience into something useful and dare I say, actionable.

photo credit: beinshitty