Belated thanks to Havi Brooks of for mentioning me in Friday chicken #110: breadcrumbs everywhere!

Very humbled by the mention and so deeply grateful to those of you who lurk, like, follow and appreciate this work in progress.

I’ve been considering moving from perpetual student to teacher for awhile now. In Jennifer Louden’s Teach Now program (now closed), we’re asked to consider “lineage”–on whose shoulders do we stand on.

In addition to Havi and Jen, there are so many teachers, colleagues and friends who have influenced me, who prove that it is possible to have creativity, kindness and integrity in business.

Here are just a few:

  • Barbara Sher (@BarbaraSher), author of Wishcraft and Refuse to Choose, Queen of Workarounds. Accessible. Irreverent, funny, supportive of her students. Someone who gets it done. Gave those of us with a wide range of interests (“scanners”) permission to be proud of who we are. Reminds us often, “Isolation is the dreamkiller.”
  • Chris Zydel (@wildheartqueen): Another irreverent, funny creative. Leads intuitive painting workshops, retreats and teacher training.
  • Art of Nonconformity author and blogger Chris Guillebeau (@ChrisGuillebeau), who blogs, writes and travels the world. Anyone else attending his World Domination Summit next June in Portland, OR? (From a marketing standpoint, his launch and website for the event is terrific. Check it out.)
  • Pamela Slim (@PamSlim), author of Escape from Cubicle Nation, the blog and book. Martha Beck-certified master life coach and speaker. Her first Bay Area seminar after the release of her book early last year connected me with a community of entrepreneur-minded folks.
  • Two of my high school teachers, Mr. Giardina and Mr. Lunsford, two very different people but who influenced me in so many ways.

I’m a secret fangirl of so many, I couldn’t possibly list all of you but know that I have deep gratitude for what you’ve given to me and others.

I’d love to know of more people to add to this list.

I’m wondering, which teachers have influenced you?

photo credit: nathanrussell
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